The Fledgling Musicosophy Band

So time goes by and we find axamaxa’s profile on a few scattered musician’s sites (e-jam, bandmix, etc.), looking for personnel. By this time he has invested quite a bit of effort into the art of jazz. And the trouble is that most everyone on the websites wanted to play loud and distorted (metal, grunge, shred, ‘kick-ass’), or rap. Now axamaxa is a Peaceful, Kind, Artistic and Spiritual type of person and does not particularly savor cacaphonous discord, so he was not running into much success there.

But one gentleman stood out by way of his open-minded willingness to pioneer into new directions. So after some correspondence, arrangements were made to get together for some jam time. Things went really well and the two guitarists developed a lot of playing-time together. During the course of this free-play, a little style began to emerge and that style was based upon the early Pinciples of Musicosophy.

Lee styled 01
Brother Lee Samuel Palm in the early days of Musicosophy

So as not to get too far ahead of ourselves here, Let’s talk about this other guitarist a little bit. The other guitarist is none other than Brother Lee Samuel Palm of Gibsonville, NC. Brother Lee is a mighty fine person and lives a good, responsible life with his lovely wife and their two families. He was at the time, and still is, the leader of his own band, The Groove Town Prophets, at that time a Blues Trio. Brother Lee has played a lot of guitar styles (Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Pop, and Rock)

The Groove Town Prophets when they were a power trio
The Groove Town Prophets when they were a power trio

and has studied Classical Guitar, but the Blues holds his interest more than anything. He especially likes Texas Blues and of course St. Hendrix. This is to be expected once a guitarist achieves a certain level of technical proficiency. Much to his credit however, he showed genuine interest in the emerging style guided by the Principles of Musicosophy.

In fact, both axamaxa and Brother Lee were noticeably fascinated with the potential of this approach and the astonishing results that they were getting out of it. Flabbergasted again and again, they decided to try it out on the world at large and to form a band  together as the vehicle of its expression. In so doing the fledgling Musicosophy Band was born.


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