Clave with Spang-a-lang

In the continuing effort to define our style, the newest ‘Percussionist’ wanted advertisement reads something like this:

“We’ve developed a lively and rhythmic style that sounds something like a funky gospel-esque boogalooo. A basic funk-beat works extremely well (running 16ths, either straight or swing, with a reliable ‘rim-crack’ on the 2 and 4). We also like any various soft versions of that for the Smooth Jazz (possibly with a little ‘spang-a-lang’). Plus some ‘minimalist’ down-tempo Soul stuff. Then again, Son Montuno with 3-2 clave (jazz salsa), or Soul-Jazz, if you’re familiar with any of that kind of thing . Honestly though, it’s not as difficult as it might sound. We play our Originals. We also play cover tunes but we enjoy taking them into our own special world. If you’re inspired, we graciously invite you to spread the ubi-jubi with us.”


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