For the Record…

Axamaxa once posted the following descriptions on a website that brokered musical groups for hire (largely a wedding reception and show-band type of outfit). Under the section in the form-letter about ‘Services Offered’ was written:

We play Original Compositions (and some cover material of our preference) and bring you our talents and musical performance just as we do everywhere we go. We are a band of Professional Musicians, playing our Material.
We are good at what we do and we are plenty hip, but what we are not is a tribute band or a high-stepping whoop it up for the crowd kind of motivational cheerleader squad.
We are also grown-ups and have no inclination to pretend to be Elvis, or ZZ Top, or anybody else other than ourselves.
So many times, someone with good intentions will try to hire us to play their father-in-law’s wedding reception and ‘could we play radio songs from the 70’s and 80’s and, you know…kind of whoop it up to get the crowd on their feet?’… that kind of thing.
Wouldn’t it be antithetical for a Soul and Smooth Jazz combo to hop up on stage and holler at the front row or jump up and down like a pogo-stick?
And I think it is wise to say something about this up front, because we’re not that kind of band nor the right kind of people for that; whereas there are those who are and other bands that do.
So we are trying to avoid disappointed expectations when we have to decline the job playing for Renaissance Weddings at the Tea Room, or Sunday Morning Service in the Butterfly Garden, etc.
If you want a very hip and serious Original band to play for your seriously hip event, then we are pleased to offer you our sincere service. In lieu of that we thank you in advance for your respect and understanding in this matter.


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